Snow Crab Clusters
Angulatus (Chionoecetes angulatus) Japonicus-Benizuwai Crab
(Chionocetes japonicus)

Retail pack
for Angulatus
8x2 lbs bags-available
upon request


Our succulent Angulaltus crab is the most popular crab item in the seafood industry. Our product is always inspected prior to shipment to guarantee quality. We pack our Angulaltus crab into both retail and food service boxes. When you purchase our Marine Treasures brand Angulaltus crab you can be assured you are receiving the highest quality product in the marketplace.


Snow Crab is one of the most popular crab species.  The meat of Snow Crab is tender and has a delicate sweet flavor. Snow Crab is mostly captured in Alaska, Canada, and Russia. Crab clusters we offer have white meat, high infill and bright red shell color.


Snow Crab Clusters are available in various package sizes. Ask sales person for pack size.

The size grading is indicated as follows:

4up Oz
5/8 Oz
8up Oz
10up Oz
12up Oz